Chicago Laborers Council


In 2006, elected delegates to LIUNA's 23rd General Convention passed a landmark resolution committing unprecedented resources to regional organizing funds...and thus was born the Great Lakes Regional Organizing Committee, also known as GROC.

As indicated by their name, GROC covers the entire Great Lakes Region of LIUNA, but a portion of the staff and resources are dedicated to working almost exclusively with us at the Chicago District Council and our affiliated local unions.

Organizing is an essential part of what we and our Locals do, and GROC has proven to be an invaluable resource for us. Organizing new employers and employees is essential for the betterment of the terms and conditions of employment for current, as well as new members of the Local Unions, the Chicago District Council and LIUNA. In short, it's our lifeline to the future...we need strong organizing to survive. In areas of the country where union organizing has historically been ignored or rendered nearly impossible by legislation, unions barely exist, the middle class has eroded, and working conditions are not what they should be.

GROC, the District Council and all our local unions have made a commitment to not let that happen here in the Chicago area. We use a wide variety of organizing methods to ensure that the Chicago area stays Union strong now and in the future.

Contact GROC:
Mike Bivins - Director of Organizing
Great Lakes Regional Organizing Committee
office: 630-323-4676
mobile: 773-456-5397

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