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  When it comes to pay, training, healthcare and retirement security, Chicago Area Laborers have the advantage. We fight every day to make sure that a career as a union Laborer allows you to earn sufficient wages, provide healthcare for you and your family, and earn a reliable retirement plan. Non-union workers have nobody looking out for them, and rarely make a fraction of the total package that a union worker makes or have access to the training they need to advance their careers.

Check out this fact sheet compiled by LIUNA - please note this is based on national statistics and does not specifically address Chicago Area working conditions. It is eye-opening though.

Due to the variety of agreements that we negotiate for with different Associations and for different sectors of work, it's impossible for us to post a comprehensive overview of the wages and benefits of our members. For more specific information on this, please contact your local Laborers' Union here, or feel free to visit the websites of our two affiliated Pension & Welfare Funds:
  Chicago Laborers' Pension & Welfare
  Fox Valley & Vicinity Laborers Health & Welfare & Pension
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