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  Non-Laborers' Union Members
If you are not currently a member of a Laborer Local and would like to seek work as a union Laborer there are a few things you can do:
The typical route to becoming a union Laborer is securing a job as a Laborer with a signatory contractor. You will then be initiated into one of the Local Unions, and possibly start out as an apprentice in the Laborers Apprentice Program through the training center. Finding that job with the signatory contractor is of course the key. Work your contacts, buddies, family members - anybody you know in the construction industry. It's true that many jobs are filled by referrals and "who you know" type situations. Talk to people you know and find out who's hiring. But it's also true that by no means is every job filled that way, and "pounding the pavement" can definitely pay dividends. Reach out to contractors, create a resume and keep it on hand, visit job sites, etc...looking for a job is never glamorous, but if it leads you to a good career, it will be worth it.
Follow the news & do your research. If you see that a highway is about to undergo resurfacing or that O'Hare airport has received funding for a new runway or that a new skyscraper is about to break ground, find out who the contractors will be on those projects and reach out to them. It's no sure thing, but those are the companies with work and they may well need extra workforce. A few online resources for obtaining this information include:

» ENR Construction
» LECET's Twitter feed
» McGraw-Hill Construction
» Illinois Department of Transportation
» Illinois Tollway Construction & Engineering

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