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Please note that while we are certainly committed to the employment of our members, it is not our function at the District Council to provide direct job placement services for individual members. However, if you are a current member of one of our affiliated locals and are currently out of work seeking employment as a Laborer, there are several things that you can do:
Contact your local. Make sure you are on the "out-of-work" list at your Local union. Contact them to find out how the process works at your local and to confirm that you are doing everything you can to make sure you are keeping your place on the list and that they have the proper contact information for you so that they can help you get back to work as soon as possible.
Get trained! If there is a hole in your skill set as a Laborer or one of your certifications is about to expire, get to our training center and make sure you are as prepared as possible to succeed in your next job. Training equals success - it is the key to our advantage as union Laborers and critical to your future as a Laborer.
Make a resume. A resume for construction work? That's right - in this extremely tight job market, something like this can set you apart. Clearly listing your experience, certifications, training and skills can catch the eye of a prospective employer and give them the confidence to hire you.
Follow the news & do your research. If you see that a highway is about to undergo resurfacing or that O'Hare airport has received funding for a new runway or that a new skyscraper is about to break ground, find out who the contractors will be on those projects and reach out to them. It's no sure thing, but those are the companies with work and they may well need extra workforce. A few online resources for obtaining this information include:

» ENR Construction
» LECET's Twitter feed
» McGraw-Hill Construction
» Illinois Department of Transportation
» Illinois Tollway Construction & Engineering

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